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10 Steps to Empower Your Teen to Delay Sexual Activity

The Big Talk BookBased on feedback from over 100 teens who’ve chosen to delay having sex, this book describes 10 specific steps parents can take to protect their teens’ health and future. A good balance of current medical data and communication tips, this book includes interactive sections that help build the critical relationship between parents and teens.

Replacing the traditional “big talk” about sex with a broader, continuing conversation, this book offers easy ways to explore self-esteem, “freedom rules,” and unconditional law. This experience has empowered thousands of teens to choose the safest, healthiest choice: delaying sex until marriage. Every parent of teens needs this book!

With this book, parents can:

  • Fully understand—and explain—the emotional and physical health risks of teen sex
  • Send clear messages about the rewards of sexual delay
  • Nurture self-esteem and respect for boundaries
  • Teach teens how to handle crushes, infatuation, and love
  • Coach teens on how to say “NO”—and keep a friendship
  • Foster open communication and good family relationships

Chapter Topics

Step One: Be Informed — Things really have changed!

Step Two: Explain the Risks — What they don’t know can kill them

Step Three: Be Committed — Mixed messages don’t work

Step Four: Stress the Rewards — Sexual delay allows for a promising future

Step Five: Be There — Being present in mind and body

Step Six: Build Self-Esteem — Communicating “You are special and significant”

Step Seven: Talk About Relationships — “How do I know when I’m in love?”

Step Eight: Establish Rules and Boundaries — Freedom within boundaries

Step Nine: Teach Refusal Skills — Learning how to say “NO”

Step Ten: Practice Unconditional Love — What to do when nothing else works


“I just read ‘The BIG TALK Book’. It says it all and is very readable. I think it is a great contribution to communication between kids and not only parents but also adults and mentors. Congratulations!”

— Joe S. Mcllhaney Jr., M.D.
President, The Medical Institute

“The best thing about ‘The BIG TALK Book’ is the real-life examples of teens talking about their experiences — it’s an eye-opener for parents, and an inside look at what’s really going on with youth today. Parents could really learn something here.”

— Sonny Perdue
Governor, Georgia

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