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Welcome to Choosing the Best, a leader in abstinence-centered, sexual risk avoidance curricula, training, and resources. Since 1993, over 5,000,000 students nationwide have completed our program. A peer-reviewed, published study showed that students who received Choosing the Best were 1.5 times less likely to initiate sex than those in the control group who did not receive the program.

Our Mission Is To:

Educate teens on the health advantages of delayed sexual activity and empower them to make the healthiest choices, in order to reduce unplanned pregnancies and STDs, improving life outcomes for teens and their families.

What We Provide

Choosing the Best provides four age-appropriate curricula that are known for being easy to use, dynamic, and engaging. Video vignettes, real life case studies, role plays, interactive exercises and small-group discussions create a directed learning environment that encourages “self-discovery”. For more information, click on the programs below.

Middle School Programs:

High School Program:

Teacher Training

The best results occur in the classroom when teachers are trained in the philosophy of abstinence-centered, sexual risk avoidance education and the specifics of how to teach Choosing the BestChoosing the Best offers teacher training certification in WAY, PATH, LIFE, and JOURNEY. Click here for more info.

Parent Education

Parents are the single most important factor in a teen’s sexual decision-making.Choosing the Best offers a parent education program as well as a parent book that help parents empower their teens to choose to delay sexual activity.