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August 2022

Dear Teacher/Facilitator of Choosing the Best PATH,

Please note the following curriculum update in Choosing the Best PATH:

PG # Update

Prior to discussing the lesson on page 19, please review the following Teacher’s Note and based on your district guidelines, proceed accordingly:

Teacher’s Note: The purpose of this lesson is to help students understand the difficult choices and resulting life-changing consequences that can result from teen pregnancy. Abortion is listed as an option so that those who might consider it can better understand some of the potential consequences. 

Based on recent changes in some state laws regarding abortion, school districts should exercise their discretion as to whether to continue to include it as a potential option. Please consult your district for guidelines.

If your district decides not to include the option of abortion for discussion, please continue to discuss the remaining options of becoming a single parent, getting married, and/or putting the child up for adoption.

If your district decides to continue to include the option of abortion for discussion, please follow the Teacher Expectations policy stated on page 3 of the Leader’s Guide: “Teachers presenting Choosing the Best must refrain from expressing value judgements; including on sensitive topics such as abortion.”  Thank you for your assistance in achieving program fidelity.