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Informative and engaging, this 75-minute parent education program quickly gets parents “on board” and involved in helping their teens choose to delay having sex. Almost half of all teens in this country describe parents as the most influential factor in their sexual decision-making. Yet many mothers, fathers, and guardians are unaware that they CAN make a difference.

This program consistently motivates parents to help protect their teens’ health by showing them how and why sexual delay really works. Vital, research-based information helps parents:

  • Understand the problem and challenge
  • Identify the 5 pressures to be sexually active
  • Look at the 4 devastating consequences of teens’ sexual involvement
  • Examine 10 proven steps to help teens choose to delay having sex

PTAs, parent groups, and other organizations can purchase the presentation kit separately or along with 30 parent books. Sale of the books can completely cover the cost of the program.

“It’s so easy-to-use that anyone could pick up these materials and make an effective presentation to parents.”

— L. Simpson, Teacher

“I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response I’ve received from parents!”

— N. Bennett, Teacher

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