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The Big Talk BookParents, Teens and SEX: The BIG TALK Book
If parents could have only one book in the teen years, this is it! Short chapters cover 10 specific steps parents can take to make a critical difference in their teen’s health and future by empowering them to choose to delay having sex until marriage. Question-and-answer sessions help the whole family talk openly and honestly about relationships, health, and the benefits of saying NO to teen sex.

icon parentChoosing the Best PARENT PREP
This prepackaged 75-minute parent education program both informs and motivates parents regarding the importance of abstinence-centered, sexual risk avoidance education. This turnkey presentation combines eye-opening, research-based facts about widespread teen sexual activity and consequences with clear guidelines for encouraging teens to delay sexual activity. PTAs, parent groups, and teacher in-service trainers praise the valuable information and easy-to-present formats.