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Title V Correlations

See how each Choosing the Best curriculum meets Title V, A-H criteria.

CTB-Title V Correlation

State Correlations

See examples of how Choosing the Best meets state requirements for sex education. Click Here

Choosing the Best PATH:

a complete, easy-to-use program

  • Leader guide (see picture below) details teaching objectives, outline, plan, and optional classroom exercises and homework assignments. Conveniently features student curriculum on each page.
  • Video vignettes for each lesson and optional STD slide presentation
  • Student manual with interactive exercises and parent-student interviews
  • Colorful posters to reinforce healthy choices and positive behavior
  • Handy binder for easy storageTitle V approved

For Middle School – 7th Grade

Creative and engaging, these 8 sessions keep middle-schoolers involved. Videos that open each lesson lead naturally to discussion. In each 45-minute segment, they learn the facts about risks and consequences of teen sex, as well as the benefits of choosing healthy relationships. Step by step, students develop the skills, character, and commitment to delay having sex. Topics include:

  • Sex: Everybody’s Talking About It
    Teens hear what others say about sex, discover the overlooked emotional consequences of sexual activity, and learn the importance of self-respect.
  • The Risks of STDs and HIV/AIDS
    Often believing “It can’t happen to me,” students hear from teens who have STDs and HIV/AIDS. They study medically accurate information about the most common STDs, including how STDs are spread, and the need for compassion.
  • Teen Pregnancy and “Safe Sex”?
    Teen parents share the lost dreams of youth and highlight the importance of responsibility.
  • Pressures to be Sexually Active
    Students identify and discuss four major pressures contributing to teen sexual activity, including alcohol use and abuse, and sexting, and learn the role of respect in overcoming these pressures.  A separate discussion about preventing child sexual abuse, and date rape, is included.
  • Choosing the Best Path
    After hearing teens, married couples and sports and entertainment personalities present the case for sexual delay, teens are encouraged to consider how choosing to delay sexual activity could positively benefit their personal health and future goals.
  • Set It! The Need for Boundaries
    In a fun activity, students see what qualities their peers look for in a relationship, while learning about infatuation and love. Teens realize that self-discipline helps them set personal boundaries.
  • Say It! The Need to Speak Up
    After learning the skills of saying “No”, students put them into practice, finding out that it often takes courage.
  • Show It! The Need to Be Assertive
    Four role-plays provide practical ways for teens to test their newly acquired skills to resist pressures to become sexually active, as they also recognize the need for perseverance.


Choosing the Best PATH